Full Object Listing

The following are the Objects available in Bustin' Out, listed from lowest to highest price in each section:


Recalled Folding Chair

Wenkburst All Purpose Chair

Postureplus Office Chair

RustyRedneck Stump Chair

Jock Bench

Recycled Couch


Contempo Love seat

Satinistics Reproduction Armchair

Stool Sample

MC2 Examination Stool

Worn Leather Chair

Love Your Behind Dining Chair

CamoComfort Easy Killin' Chair

Country Class Armchair

Parque Fresco del Aire Bench

"Back Slack" Recliner

Spartan Special

Peacock Wicker Chair

Big Mouth Chair

Futon Bed

Wicked Breeze Rattan Chair

Sili-Camp Tent

C-SX247 "Couch Potato" Stealth Sofa

Moldy Foldy Chair

Country Class Sofa

Club Chair by Saarbach

Tkye Nite bed

Cheap Eazzzzze Double Sleeper

The Love Seat

"The Sarrbach" by Werkbunnst

Autocrat by Emporium Imperium

Empress Dining Room Chair

"Sofesque" by Wutami Godat

Q3 Recliner

"Von Braun" Recliner

Luxuriare Loveseat

Baby Doll Canopy Bed by Polly Vinyl

Q3 Loveseat

Napoleon Sleigh Bed

"The Deiter" by Werkbunnst (Sofa)

Miss Memo Sleeper

Modern Mission Bed

Princess Luxury Bed

The Vibromatic Heart Bed


Empty Supply Crate

Pinegulcher End Table

Found Art Spool Table

Wicked Breeze End Table

Kinderstuff Nightstand

Mesquite Desk

Covert Table

Numica Folding Card Table

Le Maussade Glass Dining TableModern Mission End Table

SlushRush Bar Counter

Anywhere End Table


Count Blanc Bathroom Counter

SirPlus Metal Desk

Gallery Display Stand

Backwoods Table

London "Cupertino" Collection Desk

Redwood Table

Boomtowne Redwood Table

Modern Mission End Table

Numica Kitchen Counter

Used Autopsy Table

"Mesa" Dining Design

Isinglass Tableau

Butch Butch Butch Kitchen Counter

Constructed Table

The "Redmond" Desk


Mr. Regular-Joe Coffee

Brand Name Toaster Oven

XLR8R Food Processor

Positive Potential Microwave

Wild Bill THX-451 Barbecue

Junk Genie Trash Compactor

Dialectric Free Standing Range

Gagmia Simore Espresso Machine

Stone Grill

Dish Duster Deluxe

Llamark Refridgerator

Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher

The "Pyrotorre" Gas Range

Porcina Refridgerator Model

Freeze Secret Refridgerator

Teppan Yaki Table


Hydronomic Kitchen Sink


Boggs' Memorial Commode

Hygeia-O-Matic Toilet

Fontis Publicus

Andersonville Pedestal Sink

Epikouros Kitchen Sink

Wicked Breeze Outdoor Shower

SpaceMiser Shower

Just a Bathtub

Flush Force 5 XLT

Sani-Queen Bathtub

Hydrothera Bathtub

Sonic Shower

KlassiKlean "More-saic" Tub

Hot Spring Conversion Kit

WhirlWizard Hot Tub

Niagara Love Tub


FireBrand Smoke Detector

SCTC Cordless Wall Phone

Urchineer Train Set

Monochrome TV

"Down Wit Dat" Boom Box

SimSafety IV Burglar Alarm

Electronic Insect Control System

SimSentry CDXLVIII Motion Detector

Trottco 27" Colour Television B94U

Component Hi-Fi Stereo

SimRailroad Town

Moneywell Computer

Wurl 'N' Hurl Retro Jukebox

"Freedom" Stereo

"See Me, Feel Me" Pinball Machine

Microscotch Covetta Q628-I500JA

SSRI Virtual Reality Set

Strings Theory Stereo

Floyd Co. Laser Light Show

Soma Plasma TV

HellaGraphix 1024

Meet Marco

Bounce My Booty Dance Floor

Information Overlord


Spartan Special Desk Lamp

Bottle Lamp

Garden Lamp by Lunatech

Halogen Heaven Lamp

Confucius Wall Lamp

Oval Glass Sconce

CYMK Floodlight

Portable Up-Light

Top Brass Sconce

The Apoplectic Photolectric

Blue Plate Special Sconce

Neon Flamingo Sign

"Love Yourself" Wall Lamp

Elite Reflections Chrome Lamp

Hawaiian Fantasy Tiki Torch

Custom Neon Sign

SLP Lamp

Torchosteronne Table Lamp

Exoticalistism Floor Lamp

Torchemada Wall Torch

Experimental Lamp

RiteLite Spotlight

Torchosteronne Floor Lamp

Torchemada Candelabra


Pink Flamingo

African Violet

Spider Plant

Stepping Stone

Roxana Geranium

Metull Skull Poster

Watercolour by J.M.E

Tragic Clown Painting

Ventillation Duct

Chou-Kawaii "Cute Cute" Poster

The Magic Unicorn

Warning Sign

Biohazard Sign

Queen Vivanco Roses

Lairtsudni Reciprocal Column

Atlantean Column

Rubber Tree Plant

Echinopsis Maximus Cactus

Jade Plant

Rosie's PalmBeaver Pelt Moosehead "Big Brother Is Shopping" Poster

Situation Station by WarKraft

Poseidon's Adventure Aquarium

PuffPower Rug

Old Movie Prop

"Bi-Polar" by Conner I.N

"Love in Baghdad" Movie Poster

Toy Parrot by FauxFriend

Despondent Correspondent

Delusion de Grandeur

Beaver Pelt Moosehead

Floor Rug by Leopard Life

Anatomical Skeleton Display

"Fountain of Tranquilitry"

SimBad's Stuffed Marlin

WarKraft Radar Dish

"Hazard the Guess" by Connor Tiist

"Edith On My Mind" by Omar Kittup

"Blind Date" by I.Roney

Gold Record

Neo-Primo "Sun God" Calender

"Scylla and Charybdis"

Think Tank

"Proof Positive" by Hugh Klid

Debauchium Mosaic

Highbrau Coat of Arms

Snails With Icicles on nose

Portrait Grid by Payne A. Pithcher

Grandfather Clock

Sham-Shag Polar Bear Rug

"Untitled 1973" By Costa D. Moenet

"Radiant Doomed Child" by Don T. Ripitof

Blue China Vase

Faux Bearskin Rug

White Rhino Re-enactment

"I Love Queens" by Painter X

"Still Life, Drapery and Crumbs"

"Eruption of Decadence" Tapestry

Antique Persian Rug

Manila 1000 Marine Aquarium

Temple of the Simoleon


Trash Can

SnoozeMore Alarm Clock

Magical Mystery Toy Box

Happy Thunder Neoscillating Sprinkler


Slurp 'N' Burp Beverage Cooler

Will Lloyd Wright Doll House

Pinegulcher Dresser

Kinderstuff Dresser

Sock-a-Jock Gym Locker

VenuSpice Dresser by Polly Vinyl


Traditional Oak Armoire

Strip Poker Table

SuperDoop Basketball Hoop

Table Tennis from Slammo

Domestic Beach Simulator

The Funinator Deluxe

Antique Armoire

Specter Detecter Seance Table

"Dressex" by Conni D. Sendde

What the Puck! Air Hockey Table

Aromaster Whifferpuff "Gold"

Aristoscratch Pool Table

Overlord Pool Table

Skill Building

Narcisco Wall Mirror

Medicine Cabinet

Narcisco Floor Mirror

Cheap Pine Bookcase

Dimanche Folding Easel

Artists Block

Chuck Matewell Chess Set

Beejaphone Guitar

"Exerto" Benchpress Exercise Machine

KraftKing Woodworking Table

Libri di Regina Bookcase

Concept Bookcase by Andy Lushan

Nostalgico Microphone

PerspirAction Executive Treadmill

KraftKing Potter's Wheel

SlushRush Portable Bar

Horrorwitz "Star-Track" Backyard Telescope

Turntablitz DJ Booth

Epicurious Gourmet Stove

KraftKing Inventor's Workshop

Chimeway & Daughters Piano

Genie Genie Incubator

Life Rocks Climbing Wall

TumulTech "Sim-Phony" Synthesizer

Gyrosport "AbDominator"

Tesla Coil 3.0

Miss Gyrotic

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