Freetime Features


[edit] Hobbies

Sims can now become interested in one of the many hobbies. To curve their interest towards a certain hobby, all they must do is take part in an activity that relates to the desired hobby. For example, playing on the computer a lot will result in an interest in the Games hobby.

[edit] Lifetime Aspiration Meter

Next to the usual Aspiration Meter, you will find a new bar, called the Lifetime Aspiration Meter. This new bar works in the same way as the Aspiration Meter, but is a cumulative result of one’s effort, or lack of effort in completing goals.

[edit] Lifetime Aspiration Benefits

If your Sim is successful in building their Lifetime Aspiration Meter fast enough, they will receive perks, called Lifetime Aspiration Benefits. These can be anything from lowered depression rates of needs, to the ability to cook new food.

[edit] Secondary Aspiration

Your Sims are now able to have a Secondary Aspiration, though not as influential as the primary. They will receive wants and special perks of that aspiration as well as those of their primary.

[edit] Custom Radio Stations

You can now create your own radio stations for your Sims to listen to on their stereos. Navigate your way to EA Games/The Sims 2/Music and place the desired MP3 files in one of the sub - [music] folders. Launch the game, go to Options > Audio Options > Custom Radio Stations [button]. Create a new play list from there, select the songs you would like. Once you have finished that, the new station will be available from any stereo in Live Mode.

[edit] Reading Options

Your Sims may now choose a topic to read about. From any bookcase, they can read a new type of book, including Cooking, Drama, Romance and many more. Reading about certain topics can create enthusiasm for a hobby, so be sure to choose what they read wisely.

[edit] New Careers

Freetime not only grants your Sims hobbies, but gives them new choices in the work field. They can now choose from all other jobs as well as Entertainment, Intelligence, Architecture, Dance and Oceanography.

[edit] New Talent Badges

Talent Badges have been carried forward from Open For Business and have been made available for your Sims. These new Badges are Pottery and Sewing and are the only ones available, unless you own previous Expansion Packs.

[edit] Membership Cards and Secret Lots

If your Sim develops enough enthusiasm or interest for a particular hobby, the leader of a special club will grant your Sim access to a secret lot. Only those with a Membership Card for a certain hobby group can see the corresponding lot appear on the location list, so be sure to get one if you want to visit that special lot.

[edit] Pay All Bills

A feature carried forward from Seasons that allows your Sim to collect all the bills on the lot and pay them at once. This is useful for if you have misplaced a bill or your Sims are simply lazy.

[edit] Mr. Humble

Mr. Humble is a man who gives your Sim a special present on their first day living on a new lot. But do you dare open the package and see what awaits...?

[edit] Influence

A feature carried forward from University that grants your Sim new social interactions based on the level of their Influence Bar. The more points they obtain, the more points they have to spend on special interactions.

[edit] Best Friends Forever

Your Sims can now have BFFs. Continue to build two Sims’ relationship until the friendship has been made and they will be given a new BFF that cannot stay angry at them, takes less work to maintain as a friend, and can share their inside jokes.

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