Flamenco Caliente

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Flamenco Caliente
Flamenco Caliente.jpg
Flamenco Caliente as he appears in The Sims 2.
NameFlamenco Caliente
Life StageGhost

[edit] Character Description

Flamenco Caliente is the son of Nestor Caliente and Pollination Technician 7, half-brother of Tango Caliente, husband of Nighat Caliente and father of Dina and Nina Caliente. He is an alien hybrid due to his father being impregnated with him, though he does not show many alien-like characteristics.

[edit] The Sims 2

Since Flamenco is deceased and has no tombstone, he cannot be resurrected in the game. When he was alive, he most likely lived with his family in Pleasantview.

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