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Downtown is a new sub-neighborhood where all kinds of Sims go to have fun. The neighborhood includes a number of community lots, such as night clubs, museums, and parks, as well as a residential section. Downtown has a lot to offer and doesn't disappoint in terms of entertainment.

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[edit] Downtown

Being the newest city that’s been added in from the Sims 2: Nightlife expansion pack, Downtown mainly consists of different types of clubs, shops, restaurants, parks, and pools. It’s known as the “city of lights” or two us “the big apple” (New York City) because of it’s many lights illuminating the dark skies of this fairly huge and monstrous city. Everyday spent in Downtown is spent during the nighttime, because the city is mainly always shut out from the sun due to it always being cloudy and dark. This may just be a conspiracy or it could be because of the many vampires that lurk the streets of Downtown.

[edit] Downtownies

[edit] Mrs. Crumplebottom

Mrs. Crumplebottom is probably one of the rudest sim NPCs ever. And as she would even admit, she’s a busybody and a prude. You’ll be surprised that she has interest beyond her daily verbal tirades and purse beatings. Her moral code goes like this; Sims should never show affection for each other, and Sims should always be dressed; clean, and neatly. Whenever she spots two sims kissing her blood boils and she immediately hustles over to the two sims and begins beating them over the head with her big black purse. Some believe that this women even keeps bricks in her bag so as to make her beatings hurt even worse. Whenever going on some kind of date it is commonly suggested to find a place where this horrid women is not at! She not only will hit you over the head but she will also ruin your date.

The only good news to Mrs. Crumplebottom is that there are a few things that will distract her from giving her horribly painful beating, these things include; Bowling, drinking at a bar, and playing cards. Whenever you’ve been caught at a community lot in the presence of Mrs. Crumplebottom while she enjoys herself doing these activity, smooch away because she will definitely not stop you.

She is not a marriageable/joinable character offering only a limited number of interactions. When you even try and chat up a conversation with her she will ether shake her finger at you or whip out her knitting and tune your sim out completely.

[edit] Grand Vampire

These vampires one a male and other a female roam downtowns streets, but only at night. They will appear randomly at community lots and if caught by the sun will behind emitting smoke while they flee for there protective coffins. The Grand Vampires act largely like any other normal sim except for the occasional turning into bats, and screaming there welcoming, Bleh in your sims face. They are easily befriended and marriageable/joinable NPCs. But be careful as your gradually becoming friends because you will never no when these sims try and bite.

For more information on Vampires visit

[edit] Diva/Mr Big

These two NPCs are not only rather difficult to date but also very rich. If you ever manage to marry/join this NPC sim there fortune and top level income become part of your household as well. Living with one of these NPCs is like living a dream and getting there is rather difficult.

These sims are functionally, just like any other townie, but their distinct appearance is your clue to much more about them. For example; Divas and Mr. Bigs share the following characteristics:

 Aspiration: Fortune

 Outgoing/Shy: 10

 Nice/Grouchy: 0

 Wealth: $$$$

 Career: Slacker 10 (Professional Party Guest)

 Signature Behavior: Primping, Bragging, Flirting with other Sims

 Best Dating Activity: Dancing in a Group, Dates Out

[edit] The Slob

Not being as big a prize as the Diva/Mr. Big these NPCs are still a challenge nonetheless. All of the slob NPCs regardless of gender share these characteristics:

 Aspiration: Pleasure

 Active/Lazy: 0

 Neat/Sloppy: 0

 Wealth: $

 Career: Slacker 2 (Gas Station Attendant)

 Signature Behavior: Farting, Spitting, Belching, Sloppy Eating

 Best Dating Activity: Dining, Couple Dining, Dancing, Dates at Home

The above listed townies are the main townies of Downtown. Even though there are many more those are the ones that stand out among the group. Each of the down townies are all better then the regular townies that take up your neighborhood population. And even though the townies aren’t listed they all have a catch to them such as;

 Each Townie has level 6 or higher jobs, more money, and higher skills then the average sim NPC that occupy neighborhoods.

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