Don Lothario

Don Lothario
Don in his hot tub thinking about all the women in his life
NameDon Lothario
Life StageAdult

Don Lothario, son of Adriana & Nicolo Lothario, is one of the pre-created Sims featured in The Sims 2. He is a romance Sim living in his luxurious condo in Pleansantview. Don is known as the current fiance to Cassandra Goth, but due mainly to his womanizing ways and Romance aspiration, Don has three other love interests that he fools around with quite frequently.

[edit] Backstory

When playing with Don, he's in the midst of a wild love affair. While his is the fiance to Cassandra Goth, Don is known for having love relations with Dina & Nina Caliente and Kaylynn the Maid all unbeknown to Cassandra. With him engaged to Cassandra, the player can decide to have Don marry her and break off his relationships with the other three, marry her and keep the relationship with the mistresses, or dump Cassandra and continue being the town playboy. More often than not, if you try to marry Don right at the Goth residence, he will leave Cassandra at the altar. Don is a romance Sim, and they typically don't like being married or engaged which makes tying the knot that much harder.

[edit] Bella Goth's Abduction

A scenario showing what might have happened moments before Bella's disappearance

Bella Goth's disappearance is a big topic surrounding Don Lothario. Bella was last seen at Don's house, welcoming him to the neighborhood. Some theories include that Bella was looking through a telescope on the balcony and got abducted, or that Don pushed her. With Mortimer having the memory of Bella being abducted, the former theory is likely the correct one.

[edit] House

Don lives in a condo on the west side of Pleasantview. The house is pretty luxurious with lots of expensive items. It is two stories with a kitchen, living space, and bathroom on the bottom floor. Upstairs is his bedroom and balcony which features a hot tub and bar. Don also has a maid, the same one as the Pleasant's with Kaylynn. Much like Daniel Pleasant, Don has relations with the maid as well.

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