Delilah Dreamer

Delilah Dreamer (neé Darong) is the deceased mother of Darren Dreamer and grandmother of Dirk Dreamer. Her mother was Lina Darong and her father was Sef Darong, both deceased.


[edit] Appearance

Delilah is a thin elder with brown eyes, dark brown skin and grey hair. Her original hair colour is unknown since she only appeared as an elder in The Sims 2 and hasn't appeared in The Sims 1 or The Sims 3, however is was likely to be black since that is her son and grandson's hair colour.

[edit] Personality

Her Zodiac sign was Aquarius and her aspiration was Family.

[edit] Death

Delilah's gravestone cannot be found in Pleasantview. Delilah died while her son, Darren, was a teenager.

[edit] Trivia

Delilah initials are D.D. like all the Dreamers after her.

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