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There are heaps of ways to die in The Sims 3, with new ways to die coming out with each expansion pack. Here are all the different ways to die in The Sims 3;

  • Age

With Aging on, Sims will eventually die of old age. This is the natural cause of death in the Sims 3. The life span is determined by what you've chosen in the options menu. Sims don't die immediately once the age bar on elder is full. They'll die at a random moment at some point, but you can't be sure what day they'll die. Ghosts of Sims who've died from old age will be white in color.

  • Death By Drowning

Sims can drown in the pool when they are swimming, but it's rare unless they're extremely low on energy. These ghosts will appear blue in color. To kill a Sim by drowning reliably, you'll need to use build mode to trap them in the pool with walls. Removing the ladder no longer works, as they can just climb out.

  • Electrocution

Failing repairs on electronics can cause a Sim to die from electrocution. They don't usually die from the first shock, but the second is likely a sure kill. Handy Sims are immune to this, because they never fail repairs. Sims with high level handiness are also unlikely to die this way. The more complex the device, the more likely the Sim is to die from electrocution. So do some studying before you send your Sim to repair the plasma TV. Ghosts who die this way will be yellow in color.

  • Fire

Fire kills Sims. It can strike at any time with low level cooking. If a fire breaks out, and your Sim is in the vicinity upon the moment of the fire, there's a chance of death. There's also a chance of death when a Sim is fighting a fire. It's usually better to call the fire department and take the loss rather than risk the death of the Sim. To kill a Sim with fire, you could have them stand next to a fireplace (wall them in so they have little choice on where to stand). Sims that are killed by fire will be red in color.

  • Starvation

This hunger-specific cause of death is very rare. It takes about 48 hours Sim time for a Sim to actually die of starvation. Killing Sims in this way is easy, just wall them up in a room (guests) or turn free will off (Sims of that household). Don't let them eat, and within a couple days they'll die and turn into a purple ghost.

  • Meteor Shower

The Sims 3 Ambitions expansion brings a new way to die in the form of the Meteor Shower. The sky will grow dark, and meteors will begin to fall. You should have your Sim vacate the area or they may get squished by one of the meteors.

  • Mummies Curse

The Sims 3 World Adventures introduces a new way for Sims to die: The Mummy's Curse. Sims get cursed by mummies sometimes after they lose in a fight. The likelihood of this seems random, as sometimes your Sim will get knocked out. If you do get cursed, you'll know it. Your Sim will be hit with an onslaught of dark energy from the mummy. From the moment your Sim is cursed, they'll have 14 days to cure it. If they haven't done any of the available options, they'll die, disintegrated in a cloud of evil energy. When the curse starts to get closer to taking effect, your screen will be met with a moving dark ring around the edges that looks very sinister. There will occasionally be evil music played as well as the time draws near.

Upon death, Sims killed by the mummy's curse have dark, black and white ghosts.

Now, you might be wondering how to prevent The Grim Reaper taking you away. There are two ways, Giving The Grim Reaper a death flower, and with the unlucky trait.

Death Flowers will cause the Grim Reaper to take the flower instead of the Sim's soul for all causes of death. With one in the inventory, your Sim will be immune to all forms of death, including old age. You can find death flowers in cemeteries or have your Sim grow them from special seeds in his garden.

Sims with the Unlucky trait are immune to death by unnatural causes, such as accidents like fires. The reaper will spare the Sim's soul out of pity, so this trait is by far not useless.

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