Darren Dreamer

Darren Dreamer
Darren's dream - could you make it a reality?
NameDarren Dreamer
Life StageAdult

Darren Dreamer is the son of David & Delilah Dreamer. He has a son, Dirk, who is currently going steady with troublemaker Lilith Pleasant. He also had a wife, Darleen, who passed away shortly after Dirk's birth. She's buried under a tree in front of the Dreamer home. He is a Knowledge Aspiration Sim who lives in a big house in the center of Pleasantview. He's unemployed, looking to get into his own home business using his artistic skills.

[edit] Backstory

Darren is currently living in his home with his son, Dirk. While Dirk is having trouble in school along with a bad influence in his girlfriend, Darren is trying to get his career rolling as an artist. He has a crush on Cassandra Goth, but due to her relationship with Don Lothario, he wouldn't dare approach her.

[edit] House

Darren lives in a pretty big house near the middle of Pleasantview. It has two stories. On the bottom there is a kitchen, bathroom, living space, Dirk's bedroom, small dining space, and computer against the stairwell. Upstairs is another bathroom and Darren's bedroom. There's a few decks around the house and outside is a tree that sits Darleen's grave.

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