Cooking is a common skill within the Sims games appearing in all games as of to date.

Having a low cooking skill will make your sim more likely to start a fire, and generally his meals are poorly made. However having a high cooking skill will make your sim less likely to start a fire, and meals are usually of high quality.

Cooking is one of the premier skills of the sims universe with it being used and taught in regularly. With it being one of the most used skills in the game by sims most default sims will usually be well trained in it probably because the creators didn't want you to have a ghost town within a couple of weeks.

Reading a book on Cooking will sometimes result in you finding a recipe. Getting a high cooking skill will allow you to prepare more advanced recipes.

Cooking is an important skill in the the cooking career which is featured in all sims games.

[edit] How to Increase Cooking

You can improve cooking in many ways. Below is a list of the most common ways to gain increases in the cooking skill.

  • Cook
  • Read a book on Cooking
  • Take a class in Cooking

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