Characters listed by stage

The following are the characters that appear in each stage of the sims:

Money From Mom

Mom- The created characters Mother, the aim is to befreind her and borrow money to enable the sim to move out.

Reality Bites

The Landgrabbs- Dudley And Mimi briefly appear in this stage but the sim lives alone

Party Animals

Mimi Landgrabb/ Dudley Landgrabb- A sim will move in with either Mimi or Dudley dependant on there gender. Both the Landgrabb siblings have the same personality, they are lazy, and refuse to clean, cook or even skill build!

The Roomies- There are various members of this family, all of whom appear in this stage. They feature with the aim of being the sims you will move out with to complete the final goal of the stage. Each Roomie has their own unique personality which will determine how well they get on with your sim.The roomie sims are:

Zara Roomies

Bingo Roomies

Carlos Roomies

Layla Roomies

Betty Roomies

Leon Roomies

Hot To Trot

For this stage the sim will live with the chosen Roomie from above. The main family encountered in this stage is the Party Boys, or Party girls, dependant on the gender of the sim. These sims are related to the 'score with a sim' goal. You will then live with this sim.

The party girls:






The party Guys:






Other premade sims can be encountered at various stages throughout the game:

The Peacocks:

Peirre Pauline

The cheekys:



The Foofaraws:



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