Character Creation

When creating a character, there a number of different steps you must complete.

1. Name; Last, First
2. Gender
3. Child/Adult
4. Skin Color
5. Head/Hair
6. Body/Clothing
7. Personality
8. Biography

Although these 6 steps can be done in any order, they must all be completed in order to finish your sim.


[edit] Explanations

[edit] 1. Name

a. Last name

Upon creation of a new family, you will be asked to provide a Last Name for this family before you are actually allowed to commence making your sim. Once you have entered the desired Last Name, you are free to create as many sims as the Household can hold, which happens to be eight.

b. First Name

Once you've entered a Last Name and chosen to create a new sim, you will be directed to a screen that has a flashing box at the top in the center, waiting for you to put a name in. In that box is where you put your Sim's FIRST name. For example, you want to make a sims called "Willy Wonka." You would enter "Willy" in this section and "Wonka" in the Last Name section.

[edit] 2. Gender

There are two Genders to choose from; Male and Female. Male is identified by the sign that is a circle with an arrow pointing to the NorthEast, coming out of the top. The Female symbol is the one that looks vaguely like a key, but with teeth on both sides. [A circle with a plus sign coming out thebottom.] When you begin, one is automatically chosen for you, but can be easily changed with the click of your mouse.

[edit] 3. Child/Adult

When creating your Sim, you will have to decide whether you want an Adult Sim or a Child Sim. Each have their own benefits and setbacks, but you must remember that you cannot have a house that is only a Child or Children. You MUST have an Adult with a Child.

[edit] 4. Skin Color

You must choose a skin tone for your Sim. One is randomly selected from the available three, but you are free to choose whichever you like. The three to choose from are: Light, Medium and Dark. Like the names suggest, the colors are from lightest to darkest. Light being Caucasian, Dark being African-American and Medium being somewhere in the middle.

[edit] 5. Head/Hair

When choosing your Sim's hair, you may notice that the face changes as well. Keep this in mind as you make your selection as you may find a hair style or color you like but dislike the face. The head/hair can be changed by clicking one of the arrows pointing to the left or right around the preview of your Sim's head. The selection goes in a continuous loop, so even if you miss the hair you wanted, it will cycle through eventually. Or you could just press the button going the other way.

[edit] 6. Body/Clothing

a. Body Type

In the Sims, there are three body types to choose from; Thin, Fit and Fat. However, the three types are a little different on Men and Women. Body type cannot be changed by working out, but every clothing option for your Sim's gender is available through any dresser in Buy Mode.

  • Men

Thin: No muscle tone. Flat stomach. Almost like a surfboard. Fit: Highly developed muscles. Broad shoulders. Fat: Large stomach. Looks like the Fit category with a Beachball under the shirt.

  • Women

Thin: No muscle tone. Not developed in the chest area. Like the thing male, resembles a surfboard. Fit: A little muscle tone. Developed in the chest area. Round backside. Curvy figure. Fat: Large hips and upper leg. Larger chest. Larger stomach. Basically the Fit category, but heavier.

b. Clothing The clothing in The Sims is automatically set to a body type, so no matter how much you like the outfit the Thin Sim is wearing, your Fat Sim will never be able to wear it. Even if they work out. You can change your Sim's clothing by pressing one of the buttons on the left or right side of your Sim's body. You always have the chance to change clothes later.

[edit] 7. Personality

There are twelve astrological signs for you to choose from when designing your Sim. Which one is chosen depends on the personality points you assign to your Sim. The five personality traits are: Neat/Messy, Outgoing/Shy, Active/Lazy, Playful/Serious and Nice/Grouchy.

  • Neat/Messy

Neat Sims are more likely to do the dishes, wash their hands, pick up garbage and take care of their hygiene. Messy Sims on the other hand, tend to leave waste where ever they go and allow their hygiene level to drop without any worry.

  • Outgoing/Shy

Outgoing Sims love to be the life of the party. Whether they're tearing up the dance floor or giving a speech, they crave attention and having all eyes on them. Shy Sims are quite the opposite. They would much rather have small get-togethers and tend to leave the spot light for the more outgoing Sims.

  • Active/Lazy

Active Sims are always running around trying to get rid of their mountains of energy. Keep them happy with a weight machine and constant activity, or you will find that they get bored. Lazy sims tend to vegetate in front of the television, only getting up to answer the call of nature or to fill their stomach.

  • Playful/Serious

Playful sims like to be playing games all the time. They prefer attention grabbing games such as pinball machines, while Serious Sim prefers to quietly read a book or practice their chess strategy.

  • Nice/Grouchy

Nice Sims are kinder Sims than their Grouchy friends. They are more likely to accept social interactions and initiate them, whereas a Grouchy Sim will reject most actions at first and hardly ever initiate any interaction, unless it happens to be a mean one, such as "Annoy."

[edit] 8. Biography

The final step before you're done, write your Sim's Biography! Of course, this step is completely optional, but it should give you a sense of completion and achievement to know that your Sim has a past, however fictional it may be. You are free to write whatever you like in the Biography section, so enjoy!

[edit] New Clothing and Heads:

With a new Expansion Pack, one can always expect new Clothes and Hair and House Party is no exception. There are few new choices, but they are new nonetheless.


  • Three colors of "Short" hair for Men; Pink, Purple, and Green.
  • Three colors of "Pigtails" for Women; Blue, Black, and Orange.
  • No new Hair for Children.


  • No new clothing for Males or Children.
  • New Women's outfit; Flower shirt with jeans, Purple bra-like shirt

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