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Cassandra Goth
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NameCassandra Goth
Life StageAdult

Cassandra Goth is the daughter of Mortimer Goth and Bella Goth. She is a major character in The Sims and The Sims 2. Cassandra was created by the Maxis and Electronic Arts teams who produced and developed the PC games and expansion packs.

Gamers can play as this character in the first two series'. This character does not appear in The Sims 3.

[edit] The Sims

[edit] Character Description

Cassandra Goth.

Cassandra Goth appears as a child in The Sims. She has short, black hair which is put up in two pony-tails. Mortimer handed the color of his hair down to his daughter. They both share many traits other than their hair color. Cassandra wears a skirt and white blouse, and round glasses.

Ever since she was very young, Cassandra developed a liking for her glasses and didn't mind wearing them. It is not known whether she is legally blind without them.

She lives in Pleasantview with her father, Mortimer Goth and mother, Bella Goth.

[edit] Sim Story

Cassandra came into the Goth world just in time. With her father's career improvements, she was able to grow up with anything she wanted. For reasons that are only known to her, Bella, and Mortimer, Cassandra began to close up as she became a child. She was shy and a mysterious young girl. Cassandra did peculiar things, such as: talking to gravestones, staring at the fish-tank all day, and reading before she was even taught.

Cassandra never shared with her family about these odd tasks. No one knows whether Cassandra was just letting the time pass as she talked to the gravestones or if she was truly communicating with spirits. Did she watch the fish all day in hopes to be able to swim? How did she learn to read without ever being taught?

She is one mystery that may never be solved.

[edit] Personality

The only child in the Goth family is Cassandra Goth. She is known, by many of the other sims in the neighborhood, to be very quiet and mysterious. Nobody ever actually knows what she may be thinking.

Cassandra loves to stay neat. She doesn't like to be sloppy or unorganized so she makes sure to keep her room clean everyday. Bella often catches Cassandra folding her clothes and making her bed each morning. Once the mysterious barrier that Cassandra holds up against new people is broken, people begin to see that she is rather playful and an active sim. Cassandra does not allow herself to become lazy, she is constantly on the move whether she is using her body or her mind. Growing up has been hard on her. Cassandra has been through a lot in her lifetime. Two major flaws she holds within are that she is definitely a shy sim and not too nice to those she first meets.

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Personality - Cancer

[edit] Residence

The Goth family resides in an old manor on 5 Sim Lane' that is accompanied with many gravestones in the backyard. Cassandra is often shown running around the graveyard during the day. Some of the neighbors even say that they have seen her kneeling to the graves and speaking to them. There is a mystery to these many graves. The neighbors also often question if these sims died of a mere accident or was it murder? And the most unusual thing of all is, whose graves are those, does the Goth family know?

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Family: Goth

Family Funds: $35,658

Family Friends: 0

[edit] The Sims 2

[edit] Character Description

In The Sims 2, Cassandra now lives with her father, Mortimer Goth who is an early elder, and her younger brother, Alexander Goth who is only a child. Her mother, Bella Goth, had gone missing, disappearing mysteriously. She had yet to be found. Cassandra has grown up from the shy, young child, she was in The Sims series, into an adult that is full of mystery, despair, and just a bit of kindness that allows her to love.

As she grew from a child into her teen years, her sight grew worse so she has to wear even bigger spectacles. Cassandra hides behind her big, black-rimmed glasses. They serve as her shields from situations she cannot face. She was not able to get rid of her black, pony-tails either. Cassandra continues to keep her hair neat and in two parts, a pony-tail on the left and the right. From troubles that continued in her life, Cassandra has deep, dark bags under her eyes that developed overtime.

Cassandra use to love the color blue, which she wore on her skirt as a child. She now loves black, which isn't a color it's a shade that exists with no color. Some say Cassandra lost all color in her soul and began to show that with what she wears. She now wears a long, black dress that she purchased at an antique goth-theme shop. Cassandra also wears black shoes to match her long dress.

[edit] Sim Story

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Mortimer Goth had began advancing in his Science career during the time Bella Goth, his wife, was pregnant with their first child. He received a promotion along with a bonus that consisted of a hefty amount of simoleons. The family was able to build two extra stories onto the house. They furnished an upstairs room with all the necessities of a baby. Mortimer and Bella were ready for their first born to come into their lives.

Bella gave birth to a baby girl. Together the parents named their child, Cassandra. Bella at first, believed something was wrong with her child. Cassandra never cried. This strange phenomenon was never figured out. In the past, Goth Manor was a busy place. Not only did Bella, Mortimer, and Cassandra live under the same roof, but Gunther and Cornelia left their estate for their son Mortimer, with one exception. He let them live with him and promised to take care of them until their deaths. They would of course get to see their grandchild, Cassandra everyday and take care of her whenever Bella and Mortimer had to work. Mortimer couldn't deny his parents, first they give him the house and they were built-in baby-sitters his situation couldn't get any better. Bella also didn't mind this as she loved Cornelia and Gunther just as much as her own parents.


As a baby and a toddler, Cassandra grew up a confused child. She couldn't be sure, as the age she was, who was her mother and who was her father. Cornelia often took care of Cassandra since Bella and Mortimer were working hard at their jobs. Gunther also played with her when she was a toddler. He would toss her in the air and swing her around. Cassandra was fond of her grandparents. Her grandpa Gunther was a magician, he taught her to fly, as she believed. Gunther would lift her into the air and run with her in his arms, convincing her that she was flying.

Cornelia taught Cassandra to play the piano when she became a child. Cassandra was excellent and exceptional when it came to creativity and intellect. When it became a social situation, however, she was as shy as the ghosts on Goth grounds. Cassandra regressed towards others she first met. She was always the brightest and most outgoing child to her grandparents though. She also called her grandpa, Gunther, Pap and her grandma, Cornelia, Leia. Cassandra considered these two people her parents over her real ones. Mortimer and Bella were always gone during most of Cassandra's lifetime.

Growing up without her real parents was a struggle for Cassandra. Life continued to get worse too. There came a day when her parents called for a family reunion. At this special event they were going to surprise their family with revealing a beautiful secret. Bella and Mortimer were never able to reveal the surprise at the party. A tragic fire broke out and Cassandra felt a stab in her heart. She ran into the kitchen to see black smoke hovering over her parents whom were laying on the floor. She screamed believing her parents were dead. Cassandra ran out of the kitchen calling for her other family. Michael Bachelor and his father Simis Bachelor scurried into the kitchen and rescued her parents.


Weeks after the fire, Bella went into labor with her second child. Cassandra was just a teenager when her little brother, Alexander Goth was born. He was a small ball of joy. To please her parents, Cassandra decided to study hard and she applied for Private School. Cornelia and Gunther stayed by Cassandra's side the whole time. Bella and Mortimer weren't around to watch their daughter shine for they were taking care of the newest addition in the family. She realized her parents were too busy for her like they always had been. Cassandra continued to close up even more, literally talking only to her immediate family. School was troublesome for her, but she continued to excel when it came to studies. She may have shielded herself even more, but she grew even closer to her Pap and to Leia. They were her family, her true family.

A few months before her younger brother was to become a toddler, her mother went missing. Bella disappeared and never returned to the family. This struck Mortimer right through the heart. He was hurt worse than he had ever been in his life. Mortimer became a shell. All joy and happiness he once possessed soon left him in emptiness. Cassandra, however, didn't take the loss as bad as her father had. It actually didn't really even affect her. Bella was never around for her anyways and with her gone her life didn't really change since Cornelia and Gunther were still there for her as they had always been. Cassandra quickly began to despise her younger brother as he took her place in her grandpa Gunther's eyes. Mortimer had no time and chose not to take care of Alexander after Bella disappeared. Gunther, his father, was now taking care of Alexander, making sure he would grow up with at least a father figure in his life.


Shortly after Alexander became a toddler, however, Gunther kicked the bucket and died. Cassandra may not have been affected by her mother, but Gunther's death hit her hard. The man she considered her true father had just died. Cassandra had grown up without her real parents to be there for her and instead attached herself to her grandparents. Now her grandpa was dead and her real mother was missing. Her real father was lost inside himself often sleeping all day locked in his room. The only person Cassandra had left was Cornelia. Cornelia knew her time would come soon. So she made sure to teach Cassandra everything and anything she could before her departure. Cornelia couldn't leave Cassandra until she made sure her grand-daughter could handle another loss. Cornelia pushed Cassandra into getting a job in the Science career.

Science met the door to a new world for Cassandra. She would now have to leave the house and go to work with other people. Social situations would now hit her. Cassandra was rather shielded behind her glasses at work until she began to shine. Her intelligence and incredible knowledge for science grabbed the attention of her bosses. She was now in their spotlight. Cassandra also found herself in the spotlight of a special guy. This guy's name is Don Lothario. They met one day after work. He worked at the hospital which was across the street from the lab Cassandra worked at. She had a chat with Don and she told him about her family and her mother who was missing. Ever since then Don was so attached to Cassandra he wouldn't leave her alone. She soon fell in love with him.


A few days after meeting Don, Cornelia knew her time had come. She expressed with Cassandra that she would be leaving them. Cassandra shook her head and cried. Cornelia pulled Cassandra's chin so that her head was up. She told her to keep her head held high, always and to never let it fall. After this Cornelia fell into Cassandra's arms and passed into the other realm. Due to Cornelia's death, Alexander had no one to watch him. His father was still locked away from the family. Cassandra found herself taking care of her younger brother and teaching him. She even signed him up for Private School. It was a success and he was accepted.

Days after Alexander's acceptance, Mortimer was acting quite different from his usual-self. He was actually opening up to the family now. He wasn't hiding off locked away in his room anymore. Cassandra began to finally develop a relationship with her father. She couldn't figure it out at first. Cassandra then met Dina Caliente the woman who had brought the light back into her father's dark life.


Cassandra can not stand Dina. They both argue. Mortimer never seems to see this though. His new found love for Dina is enough to blind him from anything other than her. Dina was the woman to replace her mother, Bella Goth in her father's heart. Cassandra pleaded with Mortimer to drop Dina, but nothing she said would work. She stopped eventually and focused more on her relationship with Don. Don and her got engaged.

Cassandra now is preparing for her marriage with Don. Mortimer is opening up to the family and Alexander is continuing to do well in school as a child. Will everything go steady for Cassandra and will she finally find someone who truly loves her and won't disappear from her life?

[edit] Personality

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The first female heir to the Goth throne, Cassandra is a Virgo who has some strange traits. She is shy towards others outside of her family. Cassandra loves to be organized and playful. She can be sort of grouchy at times, but she stays active to keep her mind and body in motion.

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Cassandra is known to be mysterious and shy; well brought up and posh, surprising she's the fiance to a horrid cheater. Not a lot is known about Cassandra, you never know what happened in her teenage years or how she met Don. How affected is she really by her mother no longer by her side?

[edit] Residence


Cassandra Goth lives with her father, Mortimer, and her brother, Alexander on 165 Sim Lane. This new residence is just a few streets down from her previous home.

According to the neighborhood, the house is known as the Goth Manor. Mortimer is still in the process of getting over his wife's disappearance. In the meantime, Cassandra wants to get married and Alexander is attending private school.

Will Mortimer continue to stay shielded from the family and will Cassandra marry Don without her father's grace?

Family: Goth

Family Funds: $511,632

Family Friends: 2


[edit] Career

[edit] Concept Art

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