Bustin' Out Character List

The following are the characters a player will encounter in Bustin out mode:


[edit] Mom

The name says it all; this is the created sims mother whom you will encounter at the first location, Mom's house.

[edit] Mimi Landgrabb

Meet her at: Mimi's place

Mimi is sonewhat of a wild child despite being the daughter of money-tyrant Malcom. She lives to party, gossip and generally have fun. Mimi is easy to be friend and most social moves work on her, but beware she's a very messy lady and it's your sim who'll be left to clear up after her!

[edit] Dudley Landgrabb

Meet him at: Dudley's trailer

Malcoms Son and Mimi's brother is simply a slobby, less motivated version of his sister! He lives to do nothing atall, playing games and eating seem to be his top priorities. Just like his sister, Dudley makes mess and then expects you to clear it up! He wants all the expensive games that his father took from him back.

[edit] Charity Grant and Artie Fischl

Meet them at : Studio 8

Charity Grant, proud owner of Studio 8 and acclaimed artist has now somewhat fallen from her lofty art perch since Malcom repossed her supplies. Charity wants to bring the gallery to life and win back her fans and her equipment and she needs your help to do it! Most likely to be seen painting or air kissing her artist pals. Artie is another resident of studio 8, he too wants to see the gallery restored to glory. A 'modern' artist , his favourite subject is himself!

The Residents of Studio 8

[edit] Bella and Mortimor Goth

Meet them at: Goth Manor

An unusual sim trapped in a very usual sim world, Bella is a little far from normal. Her interests include black magic, ghosts, the occult, and playing the Organ. However Bella's weird and wonderful life is somewhat ruined by the ghosts inhabiting her residence. All she wants is a little help with her 'grave problem'.Mortimer is another weird and wonderful resident of Goth Manor, he's big on trying to woo the ladies, allbeit in a very old fasioned and slightly gothic way.

[edit] Max and Goldie Toane

Meet them at: Toanes gym

Max and Goldie are the sim worlds muscle. They are all about pumping iron till your-an-all muscle sim. Too bad this doesn't help their gym much. Sports stars they may be, but there not so good at running a business and they need help getting the gym back on its feet.

[edit] Braun Vaughn and Makino Nada

Meet them at: Shiny Things Labs

Straight laced scientists Braun and Makino are experts with all things technological and Scientific, they just aren't to good with money. Of course they have a master plan, they'll just need some help to execute it.

[edit] Mona Lott and Bing Bling

Meet them at: Club Rubb

Mona is often refered to as the 'hottie' of the sim world, while Bing is the party animal. They are both concerned with looking good, feeling good and partying as much as possible. Bing and Mona need help to geth their nightclub back to the hippest party spot in town.

[edit] Paisley Rainbow and Randy Hart

Meet them at: Casa Cliente

Paisley and Randy are all about love and infact, live in a house of love. Believers in loving everyone and anyone, they frequent hold romantic bashes with the aim of seducing sims into their world of romance.

[edit] General Payne and Maxine

Meet them at: the Octogon

Military experts Maxine and the General are as serious as they are deadly. Yet this hasn't stopped them from losing their things to Malcom Landgrabb. The bosses of the top secret goings-on in the sim world, they a re running a number of top secret missions from their military hub.

[edit] Fanny Adore and Humphrey Eagle

Meet them at: Tinsel Bluffs

Retired Hollywood Darling Fanny and movie star Humphrey were once the most famous Sims in town. After a string of unsucsessful movies and dwindling fame, they are looking for a big break to get back into hollywood!

[edit] Chase Skurtz and Ying Yang

Meet them at: Pixel Acres

Chase and Ying believe in total freedom and harmony. Chase also takes a particular interest in the ladies of the sim world. They aim to show people the beauty of nature as well as getting revenge on malcom and concoting a secret forumla!

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