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[edit] Dogs


  • The Beagle make for a wonderful companion, is full of energy, and all around is a happy dog.


  • The Pug is a very sturdy and very devoted dog that may appear small but is a big dog on the inside.


  • The Boxer is a delightful companion that is intelligent and loving. They are never arrogant and they carry themselves with pride.

Border Collie

  • The Border Collie is devoted to it’s master, athletic, and possesses great endurance.

English Terrier

  • The English Terrier is one of those pets that you must let out to run in the yard or in the park because they have so much energy that they need to vent. Give them regular opportunities to do this so they can also use their busy minds to do interesting things.


  • The Chihuahua is a pet that’s devoted to their owners, loyal, temperament, happy, active, alert, and is a true lap dog.


  • The Poodle is a breed with true love of life, dignity, elegance, and distinction.

King Charles Spaniel

  • The King Charles Spaniel is a sweet, loving, playful, happy, and gentle dog breed.

Springer Spaniel

  • The Springer Spaniel is a quick learn, energetic, and playful. Most English Springer’s are obedient, willing, skillful, and intelligent.

Shiba Inu

  • The Shiba Inu are calm and quiet in doors but also very active outside. They are very intelligent and are quick learners.

[edit] Cats


  • The Siamese cat breed is just one big living artwork from their deep blue almond eyes, short silky coats, striking color contrast, and sleek lines.


  • The Persian is the number one cat breed in popularity because of their open pansy-like faces and long flowing coats.


  • The Exotic cat breed will follow you from room to room just to be nearby.

Maine Coon

  • The Main Coon cat is surrounded by myths, legend, and lore.


  • The Abyssinian cats retain the jungle look of felis lybica, the African wildcat ancestor of all domestic cats.


  • The Bombay cat is one of the only breeds to look most similar to that of a panther.

Ocicat The Ocicat can never fail to steal the heart or the show of a sim. They are magnificent, spotted cats.

Egyptian Mau

  • The Egytian Mau has a striking appearance and delightful personality that makes this cat so fascinating.

Japanese Bobtail

  • The Japanese Bobtail is a talkative, intelligent, and active cat. They are a strong and healthy breed.

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