Bella Goth

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Bella Goth
NameBella Goth
Life StageAdult

[edit] Character Description

Bella Goth, daughter of Jocasta Bachelor & Simis Bachelor and it is later revealed that Bella is the sister to Michael Bachelor. She lived with her husband Mortimer Goth, daughter Cassandra Goth and son Alexander Goth.

She is one of the pre-created Sims featured in The Sims & The Sims 2.

Bella is a romance Sim who had been rumored was abducted by alien's but other people believe that she was last seen on Don Lothario's deck.

[edit] Plot Involvement

Bella Goth plays a part in each of the three sims series. In the first series she plays the role of an adult sim, married to Mortimer Goth and mother to Cassandra Goth. Later in the sims franchise, however, Bella Goth appears to have been abducted from her family in Pleasantveiw who she leaves behind, all sims she lived with in the previous series but with another child included, Alexander Goth. In the third series Bella plays the role of a child showing her days of becoming a teenager and meeting Mortimer. Overall, Bella Goth is a well-known character to The Sims series and what would it be like without this talented woman who brings along many mysteries to the series?

[edit] Her Life in The Sims

Bella Goth.

In The Sims, Bella Goth is often found as a well-mannered woman. She lives with her husband Mortimer Goth, and daughter Cassandra Goth in the Goth Manor. Bella is found to be interested in the paranormal world and likes to read, feed fish, play chess and mourn the tombstones. She is also found to like to play the piano and paint, which hints she may also be creative and talented.

It’s never too surprising to hear that the every-so elegant Bella Goth has gone missing. But every-so-often she finds her way back home to her loving family. Without her the Goths wouldn’t be the same, the family is strong and they stick together through the rough patches of life. Bella is known for being athletic and she enjoys a variety of activities from golf all the way to miniature golf.

[edit] Her Personality in The Sims

Bella Goth's Personality

[edit] The Sims 2

The story-line is different in The Sims 2 compared to The Sims, and The Sims 3. Bella has two children instead of one, but Bella Goth disappears from a alien abduction. It is revealed in this story that Bella Goth is the sister of Michael Bachelor. She is hidden in The Sims 2 and can only be found using cheats. She however is seen in her husband and child's memories, meaning that she has not disappeared for long. On the tree panel, Bella's face does not show grey, so she is still alive.

Instead of Pleasantview, Bella Goth is found in Strangetown indicating that when/if she was abducted from the alien's, she was brought there. In the panel, it shows that she is not related to the Goth family, showing that she has no memories of her family or recalls anything that happened before.

[edit] Life In The Sims 3

In The Sims 3 Bella is seen as a child who has 7 days left until she is a teen. She lives with her father, Simis Bachelor, mother Jocasta Bachelor, and older brother Michael Bachelor. Due to her still being a child, she goes by her maiden name Bachelor. In most of the games she is seen wearing a red dress, that is because it is her favorite color. Mortimer Goth and Bella are best friends (although he is one day older then her). She is known as slightly gothic because the decorations in her room, and playroom are skulls. Which also hints why she married Mortimer Goth and her high interest in the paranormal. Her traits are Good, Brave and Lucky. Depending if you play her right, she can marry Mortimer Goth.

[edit] Bella Goth's Abduction

A scenario showing what might have happened moments before Bella's disappearance

Bella Goth's disappearance is blamed on Don Lothario. Bella was last seen at Don's house, on his deck. In Don Lothario's memory panel and photo album it is shown that Don had some romantic interactions with Bella that she didn't accept before mysteriously disappearing. In Mortimer Goth's memory panel, he remembers Bella being abducted by alien's after looking in the telescope. The story of her abduction remains a mystery but there is a few hints in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3.

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