Basic Coding and How to Set Up a Page

For members, the new system of NeoWiki may be quite hard to understand or even use. This is why I have decided to go into a bit of detial on some of the basics of the Wiki-Code.


[edit] Nebula Presents

The first things your going to want to know about the Wiki-Code is that it's quite similar to how the coding to HMTL is except you will use different types of brackets. The Wiki-Code is an entirely new code in itself which may be quite confusing and hard to grasp as a topic but by learning some of the simple coding you'll soon become used to how to use Wiki-Code and then you can begin to setting up your own Page!

[edit] Basic Codes

There are several different types of codes that can create different effects on your text that will alter the way the page looks. Use some of the codes below to change your text in ways you always wanted:

  • To BOLD
'''(text here)'''

''(text here)''

'''''(text here)'''''

Above is a barebones of the Wiki-Coding for bold, italice, and bold-italice. Below is a small table showing what your text will look like after using the individual codes.

You type You get
''italic'' italic



'''''bold italic'''''

bold italic

[edit] Basic Tab and Table Codes

I can bet there are quite a few of tabs and tables that you have always wanted to know how to create on your page, we'll after reading below you be able to create your own, finally!

One of the very first codes I ever figured out was the header code which looked fairly easy and is what I use all the time now to help set up my page and make it look even more professional.

  • To header text
=(text here)=

After you make your very first header you'll see that the font is pretty big so to change that all you have to do is play around with the coding a bit such as I did with the below codes to produce final products:

  • 1st Experiment
=The Sims NeoWiki=

[edit] The Sims NeoWiki

  • 2nd Experiment
==The Sims NeoWiki==

[edit] The Sims NeoWiki

  • 3rd Experiment
===The Sims NeoWiki===

[edit] The Sims NeoWiki

  • 4th Experiment
====The Sims NeoWiki====

[edit] The Sims NeoWiki

And the more = you add to the coding the smaller the text will get while also having that bold and big lettered font feeling to it. As the font gets smaller and the coding increases the header will change and eventually there will not be a line below it to break the heading from the actual text so be aware of this.

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