Attraction & Chemistry

Attraction and Chemistry are two new features included in the Nightlife expansion pack that go hand in hand to determine how easily or hard a new relationship can be built between two Sims.

Attraction ::
How appealing one Sim finds another. It is determined through factors such as personality, turn-ons and turn-offs, and horoscope. Attraction is what creates Chemistry, the new feature that allows relationships to be built much faster, depending on the level.

Chemistry ::
The average attraction between two Sims. Chemistry is only displayed for Sims of the active Sim's gender preference. In the event that their preference changes, the chemistry Icons will change as well. In a scale of one to three, one being the lowest and three the highest, chemistry is measured and evaluated. With a high level of chemistry comes easy relationship building, with new higher level interactions appearing much more quickly. Whereas a low level of chemistry will result in very difficult relationship building, though not impossible even with the repelling chemistry force and negative attraction.

A number of factors determine attraction and result in chemistry.
Those factors are :

  • Personality
  • Zodiac Sign
  • Aspiration
  • Pre-existing Relationships
  • Turn-Ons
  • Turn-Offs

Between every two Sims, there is an attraction score which can range from 150 (best) and -140 (worst). This hidden score starts at zero, with each of the six contributing factors adding or subtracting points to the overall score where necessary.

:: Explanation of the Six Factors ::

Personality ::
Sims all get a total of 25 personality points at their creation or birth, which are distributed between five personality traits. Sims with closely related personalities get the highest addition to the attraction score. Each of the Sims' personality traits are layed next to each other and the differences are tallied between each of the numbers. The higher the difference, the lower score the overall attraction score receives. The closer the total difference is to zero, the more points the overall attraction score receives.

Each Zodiac sign loosely follows the same number of personality points per trait. With the chart below, you can calculate the approximate difference.

[Chart to be added]

Zodiac Signs ::
With all personality point differences aside, the Zodiac signs contribute to the attraction score on their own. All Zodiac signs have two other sings that they are attracted to and two that they oppose. The other seven are neutral. This means that if Sim A's sign is attracted to Sim B's, the overall attraction score will increase. Whereas is Sims A's sign opposed Sim B's sign, the overall score would decrease. In the case that the signs are neither attracted to nor repelled by the other sign, there will be no increase or decrease in the overall attraction score.

[Chart to be added]

Aspiration ::
Each Sim has one of seven aspirations, each of which repel, attract or are neutral toward each other. Some of the aspiration relationships are obvious, like a Romance Sim and a Family Sim, who have wants and fears that completely oppose the other Sim's choices.

aspirations romance wealth popularity family knowledge pleasure grilled cheese
romance + = + - - = =
wealth = + - + = + +
popularity = - + = - - =
family - = - + + - =
knowledge - - = = + = =
pleasure + + = - = + +
grilled cheese = = = = = = +

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